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For Spring 2021, we collaborated on a collection with Pink Chicken NY! 

Allegra connected with Stacey, the founder of Pink Chicken over their mutual admiration for each others brands, and their love for traditional Mexican embroidery.  Every garment is fully made by hand by traditional Oaxacan embroidery artisans.  It is a beautiful combination of Pink Chicken silhouettes, colors and stripes with traditional, purposeful craftsmanship resulting in beautiful keepsake garments. Included are a girls dress, a 2-piece set for baby and a dress for Mom in 3 colors - white and blue stripe, white and beige stripe and sea pink. 

In Oaxaca, the various crafts, including embroidery, are created by the entire family, passing down knowledge and experience through the generations.
In Deshilando Pensamientos, a garment is created by 10 women, each one working on their dedicated technique. 

xx, Allegra

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Even more beautiful than in the photo. The embroidery colors are so vibrant. This is my new favorite!

Stacey F.

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